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Maria Monti, Professional Postural Therapist and Custom Bra Technician screens and qualifies each customer to tailor her fitting experience with her bra support and function needs as well as to her health needs. She has personally trained all of her fitters and coaches them how to meet your needs. She will assign you a fitting opportunity and a fitter.

Long Distance Fitting Made Easy!

Custom Bra Fitting can be made very simple with the assistance from, and the coaching of, an experienced Custom Fitted Bra Technician. It is always best to be fitted in person, but for those unable to be fitted by Maria or one of her trained Custom Bra Technicians, a virtual fitting may be the only practical solution.

Maria Monti, a bra technician since 2001, and a professional Postural Therapist since 1991,  analyzes posture and designs corrective exercise programs to relieve the stress and strain of daily postural duress on the body. The support of the Custom Fitted Bra is a natural complement to Maria’s focus of re-aligning the human structure.  With her many hours of fitting experience, she is accomplished in Virtual Fittings via the internet and the telephone.  Creating a "virtual fitting opportunity" for long distance bra customers unable to travel  for a hands on fitting. 

For more information and to book fitting appointments, please contact Maria Monti:

    Maria Monti, Postural Therapist
    The Healthy Bra Company
    The Mobile Therapy Clinic

USA 360-815-3205 office & cell (PST)
eMail abraforyou@aol.com

E-Mail antigravitybras@hotmail.com



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