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The recent frenzy toward custom fitted bras has been launched by the appearance of the "Oprah bra", as is commonly referred to. Several airings of the Oprah Winfrey Show and a feature story in Oprah Magazine have increased international attention of custom fitted bras as the preferred alternative to buying off the rack and/or guessing your size and fit.

A "body type" bra fitting guide that draws attention to your BODY TYPE, your unique posture, your breast shape, your true size/fit and your breast health, has been created by Postural Therapist, Maria Monti. The numerous lines of custom fitted bras chosen to be showcased by The Healthy Bra Company are posture bras, women's full figure bras, patented wireless bras, comfortable support bras and sports bras for example, plus an large assortment of bras for all shapes and sizes meeting a vast range of BODY TYPES, postures and functional needs. 2500 sizes to choose from. None of them have an underwire!

These custom fitted bras all have several features in common. One feature is a superior support mechanism describing it as a shelf bra. A built-in suspension mechanism further substantiates the superior support. These two features alone of these custom fitted bras therefore provide the best support, comfort, structure and utility on the market today without the need for an underwire. Add to that that they are fitted for "your BODY TYPE". They are more or less the most anatomically correct design when compared to the structure of a woman's body. As a result, they work naturally with your structure, posture, unique biomechanics, physiology, circulation, lymphatic system detoxification and offer great insight in the area of breast health and Breast Cancer awareness.

They are fitted and sold through The Healthy Bra Company which is a service offered with women's breast health in mind, through The Mobile Therapy Clinic and Postural Therapist Maria Monti. Although available internationally through a virtual bra fitting service, our more frequent travels throughout the west coast of the United States and Canada have given a great opportunity to make comparisons to what is being offered in this retail market. As a result, we affirm that these custom fitted bras are the most superior design of custom fitted bras in comparison to many or most Oregon bras, as well as many or most of the Washington bra and British Columbia bra brands.

We invite you to inquire into the lines of custom fitted bras that we carry. We are constantly testing, qualifying and adding brands that meet the high standards for proper anatomical support, ease and comfort in daily functioning and movement.

As for the unique "BODY TYPE" BRA FITTING SERVICE, it is revolutionary in the arena of women's custom bra fitting. It considers components absolutely necessary to the proper sizing and fit because of the combining of SCIENCE with FASHION, making it the most comprehensive type of assessment and custom bra fitting available today.


Visionary Medical Professionals recommend:

Under wire Bras
Sports Bras - Elastic Bras
Poorly Fitting Bras
Unsupportive Bras
Dr. Christian Northrup, author: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom & The Wisdom of Menopause  
"Stop wearing an under wire bra (at least most of the time.) Too often this kind of bra cuts off circulation of both blood and lymph fluid around the breast, chest wall and surrounding tissue."

Carol Stillman, Physical Therapist, Sutton Place Physical Therapy, N.Y. City
"Without a "proper bra", 70-80 lbs. of force can impact the breast tissue with every step - even more so for larger-breasted women". Repetitive bouncing leads to overstretching of the Cooper's ligaments - the fragile, non-elastic connective tissue that supports the breasts - which in turn can cause sagging and soreness.

Maria Monti, Postural Therapist/Wellness Coach, The Mobile Therapy Clinic
"Without adequate support, women may also develop poor posture, and or experience neck, back and shoulder pain."

Dr. John Lee author of "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Breast Cancer"
"Although research has not proven that under wire bras cause breast cancer, common sense says that if you don't block lymph gland circulation from under your breasts with an under wire bra, it is going to be better for your breast health." "There is no reason to wear an under wire or even a tight bra every day."



The Healthy Bra Company

Maria Monti, Professional Postural Therapist and Custom Bra Technician screens and qualifies each customer to tailor her fitting experience with her bra support and function needs as well as to her health needs. She has personally trained all of her fitters and coaches them how to meet your needs. She will assign you a fitting opportunity and a fitter.

For more information and to book fitting appointments, please contact Maria Monti:

    Maria Monti, Postural Therapist
    The Healthy Bra Company
    The Mobile Therapy Clinic

USA 360-815-3205 office & cell (PST)

E-Mail antigravitybras@hotmail.com




The Healthy Bra Company offers The Custom Fitted bra designed for optimum fit and ultimate support, in more than 250 different sizes. The custom fitted bras are the best choice for support and fit because they support without underwires and are available in more sizes than any department store bra.. This superior wireless support is acheived by the patented Shelf Type™ support system. The Custom fitted bra is a wireless bra, offering more "natural support", a blessing for the nursing mother. The design incorporates a drop down cup, making the Custom Fitted Bras ideal nursing bras . But it is more than a nursing bra, the drop down cup design allows the entire bust to be enclosed by the cup, and supported by both the cup and the band, relieving the stress on the straps and on the shoulders.

The custom fitted bras . offer superior support in over 250 sizes. The number and ranges of sizes, far exceeds the number of sizes available in any department store. From a very small 26B, Junior Bra, training bra to a very, very large cups sizes to "N".  So, big or small we try to fit them all. With custom alterations there is no limit to cup or band size.

Because of the superior support of the custom fitted bras, in 1987 The Custom Fitted Shelf type Bras, were recommended by Self magazine as "Sports Equipment for women", the same way the Jock Strap is considered "Sports Equipment For Man". Unlike the spandex type of "sports bras", which compress the breast tissue against the rib cage, the engineering and design of the Custom Fitted Bra lifts the bust with the patented support Shelf Support™ , resulting in the ultimate support, A Real Sports Bra.

The Custom Fitted bras, are designed to be worn in a manner so as to relieve shoulder strap stress and upper back stress. Postural Therapist, Maria Monti teaches her customers how to position the bra on the body in the most anatomically correct manner, so as to achieve a muscular balance that takes away the physical stressors often experienced with improperly fitted bras and poorly designed bras. By wearing these bras properly, the Custom Fitted bra functions also as a posture bra, giving the whole body freedom from binding. Resulting in a more natural, unrestricted way of moving, giving the body a whole new way of relating to space. It assists to support us when our muscles may not be performing their structural support function.

The Healthy Bra Company conducts seminars on breast cancer awareness, proactive self-breast care, as well as guidance on natural and assisted lymphatic system detoxification. The Healthy Bra Company is owned by Maria Monti, Postural Therapist and healthcare professional speaker, available for informational meetings for clubs and organizations.

The Custom Fitted Bras support better, and lastlonger, than the traditional department store bras. The price range is the same or a little more than the higher end department store bras, AND outlast them at least four to one, provided laundering instructions are followed. Do not use Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent. Using a gentle, cold water wash product will extend the life expectancy of any fine fabric. The construction and design of the custom fitted bras contributes to the quality and durability, more than four times the "normal" life of the traditional department store bras.

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